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All About Us

Is this a religious organization?

Yes, first and foremost, Heritage Homeschool Support is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who want to build a vibrant homeschool community in Solano County, CA, with Jesus Christ at the center of everything we do. While our classes and activities don't focus on "Christian topics," our teachers and leadership are Christians, and we approach all areas of our organization with this in mind. We do ask that our families be regular attenders at a Christian church and understand that our tenants of faith determine the worldview through which our program operates. We ask that while attending Heritage classes and activities, participants be respectful of this position in behavior, speech, dress, and deeds.

Where do we meet?

The Father's House, Vacaville Campus, 4800 Horse Creek Dr, Vacaville, CA 95688

What we do?

Heritage Homeschool launched in September of 2023 offering our Academic Core Support program for students in grades 7-12. These students take Math, Science, Literature & Writing, and Spanish classes with our tutors twice per week and complete their work at home throughout the week.  This program is for students who are enrolled in an independent homeschooling program under a PSA filing.

Heritage also currently organizes fun days and field trips for PreK-12 grade students and their families, regardless of method of homeschooling, whether online, charter, or independent. These are scheduled twice per month, typically 1st and 3rd weeks, and either Thursdays or Fridays.

Our PreK Co-Op launched in January 2024. Our parents lead and teach our 2-6 year olds, meeting once per week at The Father's House.

In the works...

Starting February 2024, we will be working on the launch of our Elementary program, that will start in August of 2024. More information will be shared soon.

For additional Q & A, please speak with Lee Bancroft, 707-447-1126. Thanks!

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