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Why do we need to join HSLDA?

Have you....

* Joined HSLDA?

* Studied the resources on for California 

homeschooling families?

* Thought about how much freedom and flexibility you want in your homeschooling program?

* Withdrawn your children from the public school district?

* Talked with your kiddos about how they want to homeschool?

* Envisioned how you want to homeschool?

* Thought about how you want your days to go and your household to run?

Background Checks

Heritage has been authorized to request background checks for our group. All parents who serve as "Parent on Duty" in any of our programs MUST be background checked prior to serving. 

   * Please print out and complete 

      the  Live Scan request form

      linked below.

   * Take this form to a Live Scan

      location---the UPS Store located

      by Target in Vacaville will give 

      you 15% off your  Live Scan fee

   * Please inform Heritage 

      leadership that you have 

      completed your Live Scan.

Media Release

Heritage honors your concerns and parental rights regarding your children and their images on social media. 

We ask for you to complete the Media Release form, attached below, so that we know your wishes. Thank you!

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